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Adriatic Allure


The unparalleled beauty and diversity of landscape, with mountains, lakes, rivers, 8 National Parks, and the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea with more than 1200 islands and islets are just a few reasons why you should visit Croatia! Croatia has it all, heritage-rich cities, rivers and sea, mountains and plains, world-class food, and warm-hearted people! Anchor in one of many hidden gem coves, walk through wild landscapes under UNESCO’s protection, and taste delicious dishes you’ll remember forever! It’s a destination that will deliver more than you could expect and certainly, you’ll have a wish to go back!


One of central Europe’s best-kept travel secrets! Where the Alps meet the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain meets the Karst – it’s the heart of Europe – stunning Slovenia! Over half of the country is covered with trees that give you a feeling that you are always sounded by forests. In the underground of the country, thousands of caves are hidden - imagine vast chambers the size of a dome full of stalactites and stalagmites that span dozens of kilometers under the surface of the earth. As you descend into this labyrinth, it’s as if a brand-new world opens up in front of you! This tiny country sets the bar high when it comes to food and wine experiences. Organic is the only way Slovenians know food to be produced, and in this non-GMO country, the minimal-intervention, natural wines are just the way things are done. While the world is rushing to catch up on slowing down, that’s how Slovenians have always lived! Oh, we love Slovenia!


Heroic-looking highlands, pretty blonde bays overlooking the royal blue Adriatic Sea, antique Venetian villages, and UNESCO walled cities - Montenegro might be small but has a huge array of natural and man-made wonders. Mountainous hinterland nestles deep canyons, gushing rivers, glacial lakes, and forests, popular for adventure activities. The serpentine coast skirts glistening ports, from palazzo-embellished Perast in UNESCO-protected Bay of Kotor to Tivat's superyacht marina. Montenegro is a stunning destination to explore!

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s painful past has enabled the country to turn its cultural diversity into a national strength. Crossroads of East and West for centuries, Bosnia and Herzegovina reconciles these multiple origins and blends them into a warm and dynamic atmosphere - with an abundance of medieval ruins, unique towns, and cities, stunning mountains, waterfalls, and rivers! The wealth of cultural and historical heritage, natural beauty, and attractive places including mountains, lakes, beautiful villages, and small towns with a great soul - it's a destination where you'll go to reconnect with nature and history and to connect with incredibly welcoming people!


Captivating for its ancient civilizations, mythological legends, and magical natural landscapes! Greece is a southern Mediterranean country with lore beyond today’s borders. Justifiably famous for its atmosphere and islands, democracy to dancing, sparkling seas to towering monasteries, the original Olympics and Marathon, the scenery, culture, and history create indelible memories! We’re honored to help you explore this fascinating area!


Albania is Europe’s unpolished diamond! Nestled between the azure colors of the Adriatic Sea, snowy mountains, and greens of northern Greece - historical ages intersect where you can see a donkey-drawn cart cross a modern highway, important archeological digs, and unique traditions. Authentic travel experiences among the proud and passionate people of Albania include the mesmerizing nature of this land and invite a walk along the ancient Via Egnatia - the eastern extension of the Appian Way, linking Rome to Constantinople (Istanbul), once traversed by the apostle Paul and Julius Caesar among many others of note!