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Adriatic Allure is an American-Croatian interprofessional travel company composed of experts that share a common love of the Adriatic region. The magical mysteries of this exceptional European region invite you to come make your own unique memories to cherish forever. Creating immersive meaningful engagement for travelers is our super power!! Deep local roots, extensive hands-on knowledge, and intense research over many years form well-developed connections, personal and professional, which we utilize to enable you to have your own connecting experiences locally. We specialize exclusively in the Adriatic and Aegean seas and the exotic neighboring lands. Destinations within and between Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Greece to highlight a few!

It's all about You

With our highly personal approach and outstanding level of service, we specialize in a unique insider’s look at the area to create a dream vacation for our clients! Details of stunning scenery, classical antiquity, luxury, grit, fantasy and reality are woven together into a one-of-a-kind program in line with your preferences. With safety always in mind while also seeking out the rare or lesser known specialty moments! Expertise is employed to custom design an ideal program just for you, incorporating the optimal elements of these worthy lands and seas in the style that suits you:

  • Slow and intentional
  • Abbreviated time frame with a favorite highlight
  • A special theme throughout; wine appreciation, gold nuggets and treasured jewels journeys, culinary and cooking, island sailing, fitness focus, heritage discovery, religious pilgrimage, fly fishing or deep sea, car connoisseurs, best of the best!

Our team looks forward to speaking with you about our curated collection of best boutique hotels, villas and resorts, ideal sailing vessels, unique concept experiences and specialty interests.

We are passionate about creating a trip you’ll remember forever!

Adriatic Allure sustainability

Luxurious travel with a conscience

Our team relies on digital documents and works paperless. We provide digital documents to our clients that they can access anytime using their smartphone, tablet, or computer while offering a much higher level of security to our clients’ sensitive data. We choose suppliers that share common values.


We love and support local, seasonal, and off-the-beaten-path to ensure that you travel sustainably while having an experience of a lifetime!


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